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Qualiopi Portage Services | Quality Training Solutions - Atova Conseil

In France, "formation continue" refers to continuing professional education or lifelong learning. It is an essential aspect of skill development for employees. The concept emphasizes the importance of ongoing training and education throughout one's career to adapt to evolving industry demands and enhance professional capabilities. Companies in France are required to financially contribute to their employees' "formation continue" as part of their commitment to supporting their growth and ensuring a skilled workforce. This contribution can be made through various means, including direct funding or through participation in mutualized funds facilitated by OPCOs (Opérateurs de Compétences).

OPCOs are organizations responsible for managing and funding professional training in specific sectors. They collect funds from companies in the form of the "contribution formation" and distribute these funds to support the training needs of companies and their employees. By contributing to these mutualized funds, companies can collectively invest in the development of their workforce and access a wider range of training opportunities.

Overall, the contribution of companies to mutualized funds via OPCOs is an important mechanism in France to ensure the availability of resources for continuing professional education, supporting the growth and skills enhancement of employees across various industries.

Since 2020, Qualiopi certification has been mandatory for training providers, particularly for those seeking public funds for professional training or pooled funds. It ensures the quality of the training programs by adhering to specific criteria.

Atova Conseil offers Qualiopi portage, which allows non-certified trainers or companies to bypass the certification requirement by partnering with Atova Conseil, who holds the certification. This enables them to offer high-quality training to their clients while benefiting from the official recognition of the Qualiopi certification.

A significant advantage is that, thanks to Qualiopi certification, end clients of the training programs can receive partial or full reimbursement of the training costs using their dedicated training budgets.

In summary, through Atova Conseil's Qualiopi portage, trainers or companies can access Qualiopi certification, ensuring the quality of their training programs. This enables them to offer high-quality training to their clients while indirectly benefiting from the official recognition. Additionally, end clients have the possibility to receive partial or full reimbursement of the training costs through Qualiopi certification. This encourages the development of employees' skills and promotes investment in continuing professional education.

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